Hepaa-Hepatitis C

Fun For You But Not For Meee!

Hi, I Hate Math.

AP Exam 5/08
Depeche Mode Concert With Elana 5/13
AP Bio Final 5/24
California 5/25- 5/30was hell
SATII and Audiohug Show 6/03which went very well
Last Day Of Classes OH FUCK YES! 6/12
Montauk With Lauren 6/23-6/30
My Measly Stinkin'16th Birthday 6/29
Job Starts 7/3
Laurs Birthday 7/31
Laurs Birthday Extraviganza
Job Ends (Couldn't come sooner + massssive paycheck) 8/11
Elanas Schweet 16 8/25
La Tomatina 8/30Greatest Day/Holiday EVER
Block Party 9/3Another Greatest Day Of The Summer!!
Life Offically Ends...fuck 9/6 FUCK
Leaf Erikson Day/Canadian Thanksgiving (second greatest holiday ever) 10/9
BTMI,Mustard Plug, AAA and Westbound Train with Elana!!!! AHHH YESSS!! AMAZING 10/14
PSAT...fuck 10/21
Danielles 17th Birthday!!!!! AHHH!! 10/25
Safe Halloween (you best be there) 3:00-7:00 10/27
MotherFucking Pumpkin FlingRained out/corn maze extravaganza 10/28Rained out
Halloween!! 10/31 VIKINGSS!!!
Danielles Bitchin' Surprise B'Day Partayy so much booze so little time!!
Chili's Feast ?/?
Attempt II: Motherfucking Pumpkin Fling 11/11

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Days until Bush leaves office.

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And I Get To Vote!!
(Unfortunately not aganist Bush)

my pet!

my pet!

My life dream has been ripped at the seams. UGHHH!!